Hi, I'm Tajuana (pronounced Ta-wa-na) Ross. I'm the CEO of Get Over Yourself Career and LifeCoaching, Inc. and I look forward to empowering you to put an end to your self-sabotage, your self-inflicted wounds and your negative self-talk. As a result, you'll be able to make more strategic career and life choices in your quest to achieve your goals, both professional and personal.
I spent 18 years in the telecom industry, where I held positions in sales, management and training. Those experiences afforded me the opportunity to do a substantial amount of coaching and mentoring along the way. I found it thrilling and rewarding to play a part in someone's success.
One trend that I noticed over the years was that people were paralyzed by their limiting beliefs, their own excuses and/or their need to blame others. They were engaged in self-sabotage. Their wounds were self-inflicted. Their self-talk was counterproductive. They were holding themselves back.
As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I now get to spend my time helping to reverse the course for clients on that path. Every client is different and because of my curious nature, I find it fascinating to learn the details of each one's story. It's during that exploration that I strive to gain my client's trust. While I'm known for my "tough love" approach, I am also very compassionate and truly care about your success.
My role as your Coach is to give you the tools necessary to help you stop sabotaging your career and your overall life. The choices you make are your own. But showing you how to make more strategic choices is where I assist.

What I am not:
  • Your therapist
  • Your medical doctor
  • Your lawyer
My ideal client:
  • Loves to be coached
  • Is open to new ideas
  • Is open to candid feedback
  • Understands that change doesn’t happen overnight
  • Has the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable

People seek me out for my style. Not only do I have a reputation for "keeping it real", I am also gifted at seeing the big picture. So, while you're fixated on the here-and-now, I get you to examine your life from a much different vantage point. Doing this allows you to make more strategic choices, move forward with a different pep in your step and achieve those goals you've set.

When I'm not focused on my clients, I find time to make sure that my personal life is just as rewarding as my career. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend of 8 years, working on home improvement projects and shopping at estate sales. I'm a super huge fan of the singer, Allen Stone. Other people that I would like to meet in life are Whoopi Goldberg (EGOT Winner) , Bill Maher (Comedian), Me'Shell Ndegeocello (Singer, Bass Player), Mellody Hobson (Business Woman) and Colby Burnett (my favorite Jeopardy player of all time). I find them all incredibly fascinating. 
Places I've lived: Manson, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Surabaya, Indonesia; Corning, NY; Stamford, CT; Moraga, CA; Naperville, IL; Nashville, TN; Macomb, IL; Cleveland, OH; Wheaton, IL; Glendale Heights, IL, just to name a few...

Services Offered:

  • By the Session - Individual/Group Coaching
  • By the Month - Individual/Group Coaching
  • By the Package - Individual/Group Coaching
  • LinkedIn Coaching - Individual/Group 
  • LinkedIn Outsourcing
  • Speaking Engagements

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