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"The LinkedIn Professor" Podcast

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When I tell people about the power of LinkedIn, they don’t believe me. So, I've gathered my posse of other entrepreneurs who have successfully incorporated LinkedIn into their overall branding strategy, giving my audience an extra layer of proof.

The LinkedIn Professor is designed to provide valuable insight to entrepreneurs who are looking to use LinkedIn as a lever in growing their business, as well as tips on how to build and engage a powerful network. Episodes will cover a range of topics, including why LinkedIn is so important, how to go beyond your profile, which features to master and examples of success as a result of using the platform. The LinkedIn Professor is a collection of short, digestible audio episodes designed to educate and entertain Ross’ growing audience and can be accessed and enjoyed at the listener’s convenience via iTunes.


The "I Call Bullshit - Remix Your Negative Self Talk" Radio Show

Tuesdays, 9PM CST

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The things you say to yourself are critical to your success with anything in life. Your self talk leads to the actions you take, which lead to the habits you create, which lead to your results. So if you don’t like your current results, remix your self talk, which will then lead to new actions, which will lead to new habits, which will lead to NEW RESULTS!

This show is an open forum to focus on the limiting beliefs that we have accumulated in our heads over the decades. We’ll debunk our own myths that hold us back in an effort to reframe the relationship we have with our self-worth. 

If you’ve ever told yourself that you’re not good enough for something, you’ve probably acted on that belief, which has probably held you back in some way. If you’re tired of saying the same ol’ bullshit to yourself and expecting different results out of life, join us for a candid conversation in remixing your self talk…

Guest Appearances

The Center Stage Coach with Dr. Towanna Freeman

The Center Stage Coach is the number one podcast for coaching professionals to learn the skills needed to increase maximum visibility and profitability.

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This Needs To Be Said with Katherine Waddell

The purpose of this show is to get a message out to everyone who will listen that says, 

"There is an elephant in the room. Let's talk about it!"

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