My weight issues began 17 years ago when I gained 70 pounds, seemingly overnight. For the 7 years after that, I tried every diet and every "lose-weight-fast" scheme out there. I lost some weight here and there, but it all came back just as quickly as I lost it. Nothing worked - until I changed my relationship with food and my lifestyle. Not only did I lose 65 pounds, but I've also kept it off for more than 10 years.

With coaching, you can too. Contact me today.

Happy 10 year Anniversary to me...

                            2004:                                                            2014:


Do you want to:

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  • Form a new relationship with food?

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If the biggest thing holding you back is you, then Get Over Yourself! Put an end to your self-sabotage, self-inflicted wounds and your negative self-talk.

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